2021 Wiggins Memorial Library Academic Symposium has ended
Don’t miss your opportunity to be a part of this event, now a highly anticipated Campbell tradition, a decade in the making!
More information at: library.campbell.edu/symposium2021

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Wednesday, March 31


9:00am EDT

Flowers from Z OnlineSummer Williams • Mr. Breck Smith Postmodernist Latin American Poetry Represented in Narrative Art OnlineSarah Wong • Taylor Braswell • Amanda Brechko • Beatriz Tapia • Caitlyn Vester • Dr. Ann Ortiz Scottish Terror OnlineLee Faison • Mr. Breck Smith Squeezed OnlineBri Herritt • Professor Maggie Horvath The Dinah E. Gore Bell Tower OnlineLindsay Hall • Mr. Breck Smith Productivity: Take the "Dying" out of Studying OnlineHalie Liles • Hayley Collier • Dr. Katherine Van Allen 50 Years After Loving: The Potential Impact of Media on Biracial Identity Development OnlineJeanette Marie Haynes • Brian Bowman A Correlational Study Between Anxiety and Insomnia OnlineHannah Toomes • Dr. Jutta Street A Correlational Study Between Post-Concussion Syndrome Symptoms and Academic and Extracurricular Performance OnlineLizzy Betts • Dr. Jutta Street Assurance in Action: An Exegesis of 1 John 3:11-24 OnlineZachary Parks • Dr. Alicia Myers Cloning, Expression, and Purification of Human Carbonic Anhydrase 2 in E. coli. OnlineRobert Brown • Dr. Taek You Companions, facilitators, and mediators: The role of companion animals in the lives of college students OnlineDanielle Holquist • Dr. J. Dean Farmer Cost Analysis of Direct Oral Anticoagulants Rivaroxaban versus Enoxaparin for the Prophylaxis of Venous Thromboembolism (VTE) in Acute Medically Ill Hospitalized Patients OnlineMeredith Lilley • Phoenix Riley • Dr. Charles Carter Designed to Despair: Social Repression and Mental Damage in "Mrs. Dalloway" OnlineCallen Toscano • Dr. Sherry Truffin Development of an Integrating Suicide Vector and Counterselection System for Geobacillus spp. OnlineChloe Baumgardner • Dr. Timothy Marks Discovering Yadkinville OnlineJordan Gentry • Dr. Justin Nelson Enzymatic dynamic kinetic resolution for the stereoselective synthesis of alpha-hydroxy ketones OnlineKatherine Darrigrand • Dr. Evan Reynolds Enzymatic synthesis of unnatural amino acids for the generation of metal-binding proteins OnlineWyatt Welton • Dr. Evan Reynolds Evaluation of Knowledge and Understanding of Complementary and Integrative Medicine OnlineBrooke Fisher • Dr. Antoine Al-Achi • Dr. Karen Guzman Exercise, Health, and Development: The Impact of Climbing Towers and Running Wheels on Socially Housed Sprague Dawley Rats OnlineJacob Ritter • Ying Ku • Stephanie Bryant • Dr. Adam Foster • Dr. Bonnie Brenseke, Chair of Biomedical Pathology Expansion and Exploitation: Ecofeminism in Ron Rash's One Foot in Eden OnlineStephen Creech • Dr. Gina Peterman Faith in "A Good Man is Hard to Find" OnlineKyriana Heitschmidt • Ms. Kimberly B Ward Gender Silence within the Roots of Liberation Theology OnlineGrayson Dail • Dr. Ryan Newson Health systems, corporate social responsibility, social media, and COVID-19 OnlineHal "Austin" McCullough • Dr. J. Dean Farmer Hidden Hudson OnlineBrianna Berry • Dr. Justin Nelson How we change culture and how it changes us OnlineBen Poulos • Dr. Cynthia Johnson Incidence of drug induced liver injury (DILI) with ciprofloxacin OnlineRebekah Sowers • Dr. Melissa Holland Incidence of drug induced liver injury (DILI) with sulfamethoxazole/trimethoprim OnlineSarah Wise • Dr. Melissa Holland Increased Aggression due to SARS-COV-2 Mandated Regulations More Likely to be Expressed in Social Environments OnlineChristina D Gilmore • Dr. Katherine Van Allen Increased use of social media is having a negative impact on our mental health OnlineMonique DeLee • Dr. Katherine Van Allen Jazz and Blues in the Literature of James Baldwin OnlineHanna Onks • Ms. Kimberly B Ward Liver Disease and Gynecomastia: A Case Report OnlineAndrew Trexler • Sarah Sevigny • Michael Zheng • Braden Bennett • Dr. Adam Foster • Dr. Bonnie Brenseke, Chair of Biomedical Pathology Microbial Diversity of Campbell University Ants OnlineCaitlyn Vester • Dr. Stephanie Mathews Modeling the performance of a novel electrostatic quadrupole doublet ion beam lens OnlineNicholas R. Loscalzo • Dr. Tony Mendez Modern Problems of Lebanon OnlineDarren Stephens • Dr. James Martin Oblique Meniscal Tear in a Law Enforcement Officer who was Treated Without the use of Evidence Based Practice OnlineMegan Jackson • Dr. Sarah Christie Optimization of Dunaliella salina growth using commercial fertilizers and salts OnlineJessica Wakeman • Dr. Stephanie Mathews Post Pandemic Consumer, The Demand For Social Responsibility OnlineOksana Shabunin • Dr. Katherine Van Allen Predictors for Success in General Chemistry OnlineKatherine Darrigrand • Dr. Lin Coker Pulmonary Manifestations of Heart Failure OnlineAdam Hudson • Charles Gilley • Matthew Hodgson • Allison Howell • Dr. Bruce Newton • Dr. Bonnie Brenseke, Chair of Biomedical Pathology Standardized Testing OnlineChanda Grubbs • Dr. Terrie Hampton-Jones The Adventures of Janet Orella: Infusing creativity in the writing process OnlineLaVerne Fubara • Dr. Lorae Roukema The Correlation Between College Students’ Course Satisfaction and Contributing Factors OnlineAnna Cuddington • Dr. Jutta Street The Correlation between Study Skills and Test Anxiety among College Students OnlineAmy Edwards • Alyssa Davis • Dr. Jutta Street The Effects on Recidivism Rates due to Mental Health Care Treatment Received Within the Correctional System OnlineSarah Wong • Dr. Amanda M. Sharp Parker The Identification of Potential Antibiotic Producing Bacteria from Soil at Campbell University OnlineAmanda Brechko • Dr. Stephanie Mathews The Importance of Liberal Studies and Cosmopolitanism OnlineJessica Ruccius • Dr. David Buyze They Are Humans Too: A Look into the Physical and Mental Effects of The Pandemic on Pro Athletes OnlineGarrett Moore • Dr. Jutta Street Troy, North Carolina: The Town Paved With Gold OnlineLily Patterson • Dr. Justin Nelson Unqualified Immunity: An Argument Against the Absolution of Officers’ Excessive Use of Force OnlineDonny Stewart Jr. • Dr. Cathy Cowling Why Measure Patient Experience in Physical Therapy? OnlineJacob Eversole • Ashton Grimm • Nikita Patel • Kelly John • Dr. Alessandra Trepte Blue Skies OnlineWalter Chavez • Christina Cox • Jason Dominguez • Christianna Felix • Jackson Kidd • Cameron King • Brandon Lucas • Kendall Poythress • Noah Walsh • Dr. William Beach • Dr. Dwayne Wilson Senior Voice Recital OnlineMarianna d'Andrea • Dr. Sally Thomas Senior Voice Recital OnlineAbigail Kolb • Dr. Sally Thomas Senior Voice Recital OnlineJason Puryear • Dr. Sally Thomas Aesthetic Design of Walls and Flooring OnlineCody Brown • Sophie Huff • Professor Maggie Horvath Analysis of putative mitochondrial transformants using PCR-based assays and fluorescent microscopy techniques OnlineJohn Riggans • Sarah Wong (CUSOM) • Dr. Warren Lushia Association of Pleural Plaques with Asbestos Exposure: A Case Study OnlineWilliam Webb • Alexandra George • Jinye Liu • Cindy Trinh • Dr. Adam Foster • Dr. Robert Larson Cadaveric Case Study: Myocardial Infarction with Discussion on ECG Findings OnlineTommy O'Neil • Abigail Owens • Pooja Panchal • George Pancio • Dr. Bonnie Brenseke, Chair of Biomedical Pathology • Dr. Maxx Toler Cadaveric Case Study: Pelvic Kidney with Hydronephrosis OnlineVictoria Wood • Avery Faucette • Alessandra Martorella • Cullen Farragher • Dr. David Green • Dr. Bonnie Brenseke, Chair of Biomedical Pathology Case Study - Multinodular Goiter & Benefits of Diagnostic Ultrasound OnlineMadison Greco • Saher Fatima • Natalia Fongrat • Viktoriya Kozlova • Dr. Bruce Newton • Dr. Bonnie Brenseke, Chair of Biomedical Pathology Case Study of Cervical Cancer and Discussion of Self-Screening for HPV in Underserved Populations OnlineAndrew Brackins • Grace Bauer • Nathaniel Bowen • Beth Toledo • Dr. Amy Hinkelman, Assistant Professor of Microbiology & Immunology Case Study of Hip Hemiarthroplasty with Associated Plate and Cerclage Wires OnlineAkshaya Sekar • Rosalia Arnolda • Grace Bunemann • Kian Bagheri • Dr. Robert Larson • Dr. Terence Mitchell Case Study of Metastatic Lung Adenocarcinoma with Discussion on EGFR Targeted Therapy OnlineGabrielle Cortese • Victoria Christian • Megyn Christensen • Lea Carter • Lili Cohen • Dr. Amy Hinkelman • Dr. Bonnie Brenseke, Chair of Biomedical Pathology Case Study of Right-Sided Metastatic Colon Adenocarcinoma OnlineWilliam Echols • Kayla Distin • Cailee Dean • Natasha Dziarnowski • Michael Davis • Dr. Alan Proia Case Study: Epidemiology of Uterine Fibroids OnlineWren Fowler • Lauren Anderson • Haley Baas • Anne Donegan • Dr. David Green • Dr. Bonnie Brenseke, Chair of Biomedical Pathology Comparison of In-Conference vs. Out-Of-Conference Games in DI Collegiate Women's Lacrosse OnlineAndrew Thornton • Dr. Brad Myers Concomitant use of Anakinra (Kineret®) and Steroids for the Treatment of Multisystem Organ Failure associated with Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome in Children (MIS-C) from the Novel 2019 Coronavirus (COVID-1... OnlineHayley Dyson • Lauren Denton • Dr. Tara Bell Development of a computer program to minimize uncertainty in quantitative solution preparation OnlineDilair Khara • Dr. Jordan Womick Evaluating Fasting Insulin with Standard Glucose Screening Methods to Predict Type 2 Diabetes Risk OnlineStephanie Everest • Lauren Thomas • Dr. Nicholas Pennings • Dr. Matthew Peterson Identification and Characterization of Oil Degrading Bacteria OnlineAnnie Bright • Dr. Michelle Thomas Investigating the mechanism of action of the synthetic cannabinoid XLR-11 in human platelets OnlineAlyssa Sabin • Dr. Stephen Holly Isolating Antibiotics: Assessing the antibiotic potential within colonies of Solenopsis invicta OnlineLeeann Stearns • Dr. Stephanie Mathews Isolation of Bacterium, Xenorhabdus nematophila from its Nematode Host through in vivo Passage in Galleria mellonella Larvae OnlineElizabeth Wiles • Dr. Michelle Thomas Isolation of Predatory Bacteria from Small Pond in Buies Creek, North Carolina OnlineTaylor Braswell • Dr. Stephanie Mathews Microbial Profile and Diversity of Wild Sourdough Starters OnlineAshley Darroch • Dr. Stephanie Mathews Mono-2-Ethyhexylphthalate (MEHP) Exposure Causes Upregulation of Reactive Oxygen Generation and Disruption of Mitochondrial Membrane Potential OnlineAkhil Adla • Urja Merchant • Dr. Kassim Traore Multiple Benign NSAID-induced Small Bowel Strictures: A Rare Entity OnlineCollette Cook • Dr. Paul Singh Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease: An Overview and Future Directions OnlineSarah Elliott • Michaela Howell • Dr. Bruce Newton Online Radicalization in the United States: Understanding Qanon Conspiracies and Terrorism OnlineEmma Bailey • Dr. Amanda M. Sharp Parker Organic synthesis of self-polymerizing nanotube monomers OnlineJulianna Lyktey • Dr. Jordan Womick Patient Knowledge and Perceptions of Osteopathic Manipulative Treatment in a Rural Community OnlineEmily Newton • Brittany Williams • Dr. Thomas M. Motyka Predicting Division I Lacrosse Game Performance through Microtechnology OnlineLibby Bynum • Dr. Brad Myers Retrospective Study of Thrombosis in Hospitalized COVID-19 Patients OnlineAmanda Brechko • Dr. Bonnie Brenseke, Chair of Biomedical Pathology Salivary Cortisol Analysis in Collegiate Female Lacrosse Athletes: A Pilot Study OnlineJenna Carter • Dr. Brad Myers Seizure-Inducing Activity of PB-22, a Synthetic Cannabinoid, Based on Gender OnlineEmily Potok • Dr. Chris Breivogel Sprint Zone Analysis by Position of Division I Women’s Lacrosse OnlineCharli Rosenberg • Dr. Brad Myers The Relationship Among Sleep, Instagram Use, and Mood OnlineSkylar Shea Raynor • Dr. Jutta Street The Unintended Consequences of the "No Child Left Behind" Act OnlineCassie Taylor • Dr. Laura Lunsford Transition to online teaching/learning - PharmD OnlineCiarra Jones • Myrah Stockdale Validation of a Rubric for the Assessment of Histological Quality in Embalmed Arteries OnlineMicheal Spates • Adam Matynowski • Thomas Gignac • Dr. Terence Mitchell Virtual Medicine and its Effects on Healthcare OnlineKelli Autry • Dr. Karen Mishra Vitamin D Deficiency and Its Relation to Immune Function OnlineKatelynn Powers • Dr. Sarah Christie "All Creatures of Our God and King" arrangement OnlineHanna Onks • Dr. Ran Whitley "I Need Thee Every Hour" arrangement OnlineConnor Larsen • Dr. Ran Whitley "Resignation" arrangement OnlineZach Bradsher • Dr. Ran Whitley "The Church's One Foundation" arrangement OnlineNoah McCreary • Dr. Ran Whitley